Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dipped Mickey Mouse Cookies

I saw this great idea here about a week ago. My parents came over the other night for our post Disneyland party:) I know...could I drag out this vacation any more? Ha! We had pizza on the Mickey Mouse plates and napkins that I forgot to bring with us and snacked on these Mickey Mouse cookies while we looked at all the vacation photos.

I did my cookies a little differently than the original...mainly because I had only seen a picture of the original on Google...and never went to find the actual directions:)

First I started with some chocolate cream cookies. Then for the "ears" I used chocolate Necco Wafers. I pushed them right into the cream filling of the chocolate cookie.

I originally tried Junior Mints...but they were too small, so then I wanted to use the chocolate melts that you find in the candy section at Michaels...but they all looked old and frosty white...kinda gross:)

Then for Mickey's "pants" I melted some red candy chips (also found in the candy section at Michaels) and dipped the bottoms of the cookies right in and let them cool in aluminum foil.

Then I took some white frosting and applied some "buttons" to the front of the pants with a toothpick. The original post says to pipe them on...which I will do next time if I am making a larger amount.

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Super simple and my 2yr old loves them:)


  1. First of all these are darling cookies! Second, that cupcake below looks delicious and third thanks for stopping by my blog! I am new follower. Hope you try the candy corn wreath out!



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