Thursday, November 25, 2010

Muffin Pan Advent Calendar

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I have so many things to be thankful for and it was great spending the day with my closest loved ones and appreciating everything in my life:)

Now that my daughter is two, I wanted a fun advent calendar for the days leading up to Christmas. I have seen a lot of ideas online about using a flat cookie sheet and then using mini magnetic tins for the days and then I also saw this idea of using a mini muffin pan.

I got this 24 count muffin pan at Goodwill for $1.00 a few months ago. It had some markings on it...but I figured it would be covered by paper anyways. You can also find one of these at Walmart or Target for about $10.

I spray painted the front and back of the pan with red paint.

From what I read online, spray paint will not adhere to a Teflon coated keep that in mind when looking for one.

Next, I found a large 9x12 magnetic sheet at Joann. I cut 2"x2" squares to cover the holes.

Then, I cut out coordinating scrapbook paper in the same size and Mod Podged it onto the magnetic sheet. You can also find adhesive magnetic sheets so you wouldn't have to glue your paper on.

Align Center

Finally, I cut out 1"x1" squares of scrapbook paper and wrote the numbers on. I couldn't find cute number stickers this week and I didn't want to go to another store just for that...ever been there?

I also filled the tins with some peppermint bark bells and thin mints. Also, this week I am going to print out little strips for each cup that will tell the story of Jesus' birth.

I chose to leave my more simple than ones I have seen online...just cause that's more my style, but there are a ton of variations you can do with this. I thought about making more magnetic covers for more holidays like birthdays or our wedding anniversary:)

I can't wait to get out the rest of my Christmas decorations this weekend. We don't have much room to decorate...but that won't stop me from putting up our tree! It's a must:)
muffin pan: $1.00
magnetic sheet: $1.50
scrapbook paper: $1.00
candy: $2.00
Total: $5.50



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