Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Cinderella Birthday Party

Back in the fall, my daughter decided she wanted a Cinderella party for her 5th birthday in March. Seeing as how that was months in advance, I was sure she would change her mind. She didn't, so we celebrated her 5th birthday in true princess fashion.
I made this castle out of white posterboard and blue cardstock. I got the idea here and knew I had to use it!

I found this glass slipper cookie cutter at a local bakery shop. I tinted the icing a real light blue and used sugar crystals on top:

I made some raspberry cheesecake truffles:

I used some leftover cake batter to make a few cake pops with my new amazing pan:

I found these little glitter pumpkins at the craft store in the fall clearance. They were $.10 each...score!
I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. For some of the cupcakes I made crown toppers made from sticks of chewing gum. I figured it was much faster and cheaper than fondant. I took a stick of chewing gum, cut points out of one long side, folded it around to make a circle (using a bit of water to keep it together) and then I brushed the front side with water and rolled them in pink sugar.
I made this simple banner the night before. I picked up silver tissue paper on clearance after Christmas. I cut rectangles, folded them in half, and cut slits on one side. They I glued them all to one long piece of yarn by folding the paper over the yarn.

I took our living room clock off the wall and set the time to almost midnight (and took the batteries out). I cut out silhouettes of Gus and Jaq. I got the idea for Jaq here but I decided to add Gus too...because he's a favorite;)

For party favors, I found a pack of nail polish in the Christmas clearance at Walmart and made my own labels in Photoshop. I printed the labels onto sticker paper and wrapped them around the bottles.

I knew I wanted to make Fairy Godmother wands for our guests. When I found these floral picks (5 for $1!) during Christmas, I thought they would make perfect wands. I tied on pink and silver ribbon to make them a little more special:


Outside, our princess guests were able to decorate their own crowns. I cut crowns out of posterboard (getting 6 crowns out of one $.50 sheet) and set out markers and stick on jewels. I got the sheet of jewels at Michael's for $1 (after a coupon) and cut the sheet into strips so each girl could have her own set. 
We had a great day celebrating our daughter turning 5!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back to Real Life...

I have a few recipes and my daughter's 5th birthday party to share on here, but for now, we are trying to ease back into life after visiting The Happiest Place on Earth.
We are feeling the vacation hangover big time today. There is something so wonderful about no computer, no emails, and no laundry or dishes that makes vacation so wonderful. So, when I am back at the grocery store grind tomorrow, I'll imagine myself in this spot to get me through:


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