Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Waiting...

Still no baby boy here yet!! I had a false alarm at the hospital this morning and made an induction appointment with my OB this afternoon. If this little guy doesn't come on his own by the 17th (Thursday)...we are forcing him out! I hate to do that to him...but he started it:)

I'm thinking no more super yummy food and stretchy pants for him. Just salad and tight pants to make him uncomfortable so he wants to come out on his own:) I have been making life to easy for him with all this comfort food!

Oh well, at least we get to see him in a few days and that's all that matters:) The idea of being able to sit close to the table on Thanksgiving, not spill food on my huge tummy, not get heartburn with each bite, and even be able to sip some wine sounds uh-mazing!

Until Thursday...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20 Projects for Baby and Nursery

There is still no baby in this house. I guess this little guy is going to make me wait it out till the end! My due date is Friday...which would be very convenient seeing as how it's the weekend and my husband already gets the day off. Maybe this baby is just trying to make his arrival as convenient as possible?

In the meantime, I went through my blog archives and rounded up some of the projects I have done for baby, mommy, and nursery and linked them back to their original posts:

You can customize a nursery in so many ways. Here are some really affordable ways to turn the space into exactly how you want it to be.

14. Handmade crib bumper pads and fitted sheets will save you money for sure.
15. No sew curtains are an easy option for the windows.
16. How about redoing an old dresser instead of using a traditional changing table?

Lastly, here are some fun ideas for wall art and decor for baby's new space:

17. Chevron wall art would be a chic addition to nursery walls.
18. Simple paper wallflowers add dimension and are easy to hang.
19. Alphabet wall art adds a personalized touch to the room.
20. A soft fleece ruffle pillow would be great in a rocking chair for night time feedings.

And finally...if you can't part with all those tiny little baby clothes once your little one has outgrown them...turn them into a baby clothes quilt instead of having them stored away in a dusty attic!

Alright...I'm off to wait patiently for the next three days...


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