Sunday, August 17, 2014

DIY: Frozen Inspired Birthday Cake

Yikes, so much has been happening and this place got flat out neglected. Between computer changes, vacations, tantrums, and our new adventure into homeschooling, life has been kinda crazy.
Sorry about that.
Anyone out there anymore??
I have been getting many comments and messages asking if and when I will post about the cake I made for my daughter's Frozen party.'s finally here!!
While I don't have step by step pictures, I will give links to recipes and techniques used. Hope that's good enough;)
First off...let me say that I am NOT a cake maker so I hope that is encouragement to anyone out there who wants to make pretty cakes (and doesn't want to shell out $50 or more for a birthday made by someone else).
(I found mine on Craigslist for $5...score!)
Box cake mix or cake recipe of your choice
(I did three 8" layers)
Wilton buttercream icing recipe
(I doubled the recipe so that I had enough to crumb coat the cake and then frost it)
(tinted blue)
blue sugar sprinkles
clear crystal sprinkles
edible pearls
dowel rods
white chocolate melts
(tinted blue with neon food coloring)
STEP 1: I baked the cake and leveled all the layers. I stacked them and applied a crumb coat with the buttercream. I placed it in the refrigerator.  
STEP 2: I made the royal icing and tinted it blue. I started on the plastic cones for the tops of the turrets. I used the petal method. I started at the base of the cone and went all the way around and then worked towards the point. I repeated the same method for the triangle piece for the center of the cake. I used a larger circle tip for them.
STEP 3: I used a small circle tip to outline the windows and door pieces with the same royal icing. I also topped them with the blue sprinkles and placed an edible pearl in the centers. I let all the pieces sit and dry (which doesn't take too long with royal icing).

STEP 4: I cut dowel rods the height of the cake (a little shorter) and melted the white chocolate melts. I dipped the rods into the melted chocolate and placed them on the bottom of the tower pieces and let them dry.

STEP 5: I pulled the cake out of the refrigerator and frosted it with the rest of the buttercream and put a dot border around it. I used more of the melted chocolate and dipped the bottom of the surrounding tower pieces (the ones I used around the cake) and placed them on the cake board and pressed them slightly into the side of the cake. I placed the triangle roof piece in the middle and then the three towers with the dowels into the top of the cake.

STEP 6: I dipped the cone pieces into the melted chocolate and placed them on top of the tower pieces. I then took more of the melted chocolate and drizzled it on top of the towers with a spoon to look like snow. I sprinkled some crystal sprinkles on top before it hardened and around the cake plate.

STEP 7: I made the glass hard candy and broke it into pieces and placed it around the top and base of the cake. This was the kids' favorite part of the cake! They thought it was so cool;)
STEP 8: My daughter had the Frozen play set from the Disney Store so I dipped the characters in the chocolate and placed them on the cake board.

I hope that helped! I know my kids' birthday cakes haven't been and never will be "perfect" but I love the process of making them. And remember...your kid will think they rock no matter what;)
Happy Sunday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

A FROZEN Birthday Party!

I thought my first post back should be one of my favorite things ever...a birthday party!

So, back when Frozen came out...I think every 5 year old girl and their mom decided that it was the desired theme for their birthday. I have this theory because there were NO Frozen party supplies within a general 20 mile radius of me!

This was probably the easiest party to pull off because I was able to use some Christmas decor I already had and I scored the rest on clearance at 75% off after the holidays.

I keep my parties simple and sweet. Thanks to Pinterest I could throw $200 parties due to all the amazingly cute ideas that keep me up at night, but instead we keep things low key, enjoy our friends and family...and put more of that $ away for our future Disneyland trips;) 

Sugar cookies are always a crowd pleaser:

Powdered donut holes served as "frozen snowballs":

Yogurt covered pretzels were "snow covered": 

Because the Frozen girls (and myself) love chocolate...there HAD to be a chocolate treat too:

The gold trees are a part of my Christmas stash. I purchased them at Target. I also made the Frozen signs in Photoshop. 

I picked up this iridescent Christmas tree for my daughter's room at a yard sale and my daughter's grandparents gifted her the Frozen barbies for her birthday. Instead of wrapping them up, I set them out as part of the decor and I think her reaction to seeing them was better than if they had been wrapped!:

Funfetti cupcakes were requested by the birthday girl. I topped them with Wilton's buttercream icing and I got the idea and recipe for the royal icing snowflakes from Glorious Treats

The centerpieces were mason jars with a snowflake paper cup inside. I used some left over silver tissue paper I had, some "s" stationary, and some glitter bows from the Christmas clearance section. I made the Olaf sign in Photoshop and placed it in a vintage frame I had on hand.

I cut snowflakes out of coffee filters (hello...100 snowflakes for under $1!) and I made a large Olaf out of poster board.

Here is another view of the coffee filter snowflakes. The silver streamers are a cut up silver table cloth. 

Possibly my favorite thrift store find is this mason jar drink dispenser! I've been wanting one for so long and scored this baby for less than $5! I made "snowball punch" by combining Sprite and raspberry sorbet. It was a huge hit with the kids and matched pretty well;) 

I passed on traditional party bags this year and went with "Queen Elsa wands" which are similar to last year's Cinderella wands. These are floral picks from the dollar store (6 in each pack) and I tied strips of tulle around them. 

With the wands, I decided to make Elsa crowns. I used the template from My Sister's Suitcase. Since I couldn't find any matching foam, I went with white and drew a design on them with a blue marker and glued on some gems I had in my stash. I also glued on some elastic to the back to make them comfy and durable. 

 It was a random rainy day here, so I am so glad I had a craft for the kids since they couldn't go outside. I set out snowman cookies and the kids had a blast building their snowman!

My favorite party of this party was the cake! I got this crazy notion in my head to make a cake about a month before the party (instead of just making cupcakes like I usually do). Of course it escalated from a simple cake to a castle cake and I am pretty proud of how it turned out! My daughter was in love with it and I learned a lot with it being my first cake. I will write another post about the cake and it's construction. 

My babe had a great day and to end it all...we got hail or "frozen rain" after the party was over. Considering we live where it almost never was a magical ending to an amazing day!


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