Sunday, April 24, 2011

5 Minute Headbands

I haven't been crafty in a looong time. I finally got a prescription for my nausea and we are best friends!! I'm mad I didn't ask for it sooner. I feel like a "normal" person again. You know...someone who can actually look at food and not want to puke:)

So, when I do craft these days, I like easy crafts. Who doesn't, right? So, when it came time for our 5th (and final) birthday party in April (we celebrate 9 birthdays and anniversaries total)...I wanted something fun, cute, and quick:)

We went to a birthday for a 4 year old who likes headbands ("because all the princesses wear headbands" duh.) so some matching headbands for a cute outfit sounded perfect.

I found this pack of three headbands at Family Dollar for $.60. They were already wrapped in satin and ready to embellish.

I got 1/8 a yard of pretty and lightweight fabric at Joann. The white/polka dot fabric was in the bridal section and the floral fabric was part of a new collection.

I started by cutting 6 circles out of the material. Each was about 3-4" in diameter.

I folded the circle in half:

Then folded 1/3 of the half circle in towards the center:

Then finally folded the other 1/3 of the half circle in towards the center (but facing the backside):

(If you are using something heavier than tulle or mesh, put a dab of hot glue at each fold)

Starting at about the middle top of the headband, I glued my fabric pieces down. The material was kind of like a I didn't have to glue at all in the steps above...just gluing to the headband was enough to keep all the layers together.

Next, I layered the next fabric piece about halfway down the previous one and kept going along with that pattern.

(Note: Be careful when hot gluing white, most time the hot glue turns yellow when it dries. Mine didn't show through...but if you are having a problem, use fabric glue)

You could put something fun at the bottom piece like a flower, bow, or gemstone. I liked the simplicity of just the fabric.

I made another headband in pink and they both go perfectly with a cute summer outfit for the birthday girl:)


headbands: $.60

fabric: $.80

Total: $1.40 for both headbands!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

No Bake Nest Cookies (Chocolate and Peanut Butter Version)

I was inspired by Prudent Baby this week when I saw their version of No Bake Easter Nest Cookies and decided to make my own:) I wanted to try them with corn flakes...but I couldn't find a recipe online so I just threw my own ingredients into a bowl and this is what I came up with:

6 cups crushed corn flakes (I gently crushed them by hand)

1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips

1/3 c peanut butter

1 tsp butter or margarine

Mini Cadbury Eggs

1. Crush the corn flakes and place in mixing bowl.

2. Heat chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter until melted.

I rigged up a double broiler system (one pot of boiling water on bottom and one pot with my ingredients on top of a medium heat burner) or you can use the microwave in 30 sec increments. We just don't own a microwave. No, it's not an Amish's a "too lazy and cheap and don't want to waste counter space" kinda thing:)

3. Pour melted chocolate and peanut butter over corn flakes and mix until cereal is fully coated.

4. Line cupcake pan with squares of wax paper and spoon in about 2 Tbsp of cereal mixture (more or less depending on how many cookies you need). Press the spoon into the center to create more of a "nest" look.

5. Place three Mini Cadbury Eggs (or candy eggs of your choice) in the center while chocolate is still warm. Cool in fridge about 10 minutes.

Once they are cooled, peel them off the wax paper and serve:)

You don't have to add peanut butter to this recipe, I just find it takes the bitter taste out of the semi sweet chocolate...and let's be honest, peanut butter and chocolate just belong together:)

I made my cookies a little I had 12 when I was done. You can easily get 24 out of this recipe if you aren't glutenous with your spoon fulls like I was.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend:) I'm excited that my daughter is understanding more this year about the incredible gift that God gave us by sacrificing His only Son for us.

Oh, and wouldn't these be cute at a spring baby shower with all pink or blue eggs?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Cupcake Kind of Day

I was in the mood for a cupcake today.

So I made some and they were amazing:)

We had a mini celebration today. I had my 10 week appointment with my OB and my pregnancy is progressing just fine. They always start by taking my blood pressure and I always ask what it is (perfect every time) and I am surprised that it's not high with how anxious I get before each appointment;)

They let me have another ultrasound today to check growth and I measured at 10 weeks and 1 day, so they are keeping my 11-11-11 due date for sure now. I got to see little arm buds flailing about and the heartbeat was 168! I could sit there all day and watch that monitor. I'm always sad when it's over.

So, it was definitely a cupcake kind of day! I only put on a half of a pound in between my monthly I figured a food splurge was OK:) My body has tricked me lately, though. My morning sickness diminished greatly from 7-8 weeks of I did a "Praise the Lord!" dance...and the nausea came back badder than ever a few days ago. Oh well, in some weird way it is least for the next few weeks, then I am ready to say "good bye" to it again and hopefully for good!

So, celebrate something today and make some cupcakes. I know they will make you feel better;) I used a white cake mix and my favorite frosting recipe EVER!:

1 tub whipped cream

1 can fluffy vanilla frosting

Beat both together until fluffy and spread on cupcakes. I like to pipe it on with a bag and tip just cause you get more frosting and it looks prettier:) Also, keep these cupcakes covered and in the fridge so the icing doesn't melt. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrift Store Finds: April Edition

I would like to start making my thrift store finds a monthly thing with maybe a link up party where you can share your newest or most favorite finds too? Hmmm...that would mean I would have to shop at thrift stores monthly...I think I could manage that:)

I haven't been having much luck at thrift stores lately...but I also haven't been going often. I know they put out stuff everyday...but that doesn't mean I need to be in one everyday:) Finally, I scored at my local Goodwill, which I find is has more affordable vintage than other thrift stores in the area.

First off, I found this awesome canister. I won't store any food in it (I'm weird about that), but I am going to take the lid off and keep my cooking utensils in it by the stove.

This is probably my most favorite thing I have found recently and I splurged on it...$3.99. I know...I'm out of control:) I just loved the shape and the colors...and it's also a bank!

These aren't vintage...but I did find them at Goodwill for a great price;) The orange striped material is a pillowcase that might make it's way into throw pillows for the couch, a cover for my stand mixer in the kitchen, or a window valance?

The other orange material is actually part of a duvet set originally sold at Ikea. It had the tags still on it and I have actually seen this set on Apartment Therapy posts and always loved it so I was super excited to find it new for under $10! Its a king size (we have a queen) I can't decide if I want to size it down to fit our bed...or cut it up for curtains? Either way I love it:) I would use it right away for our bedroom...but I found this gray striped duvet on Walmart's website and I kinda love that too! Can you see why our bedroom has never been officially complete??

I love the gray one with maybe a yellow headboard or throw pillows?

Finally, my favorite "blast from the past" find...a vintage Strawberry Shortcake twin flat sheet. I love all the pink colors in it. I think this will get made into a flat sheet for my daughter's twin bed in the future. Or I kinda want to keep it for myself?? Why can't I sleep in a twin bed anymore and have awesome sheets? Oh right, I'm an adult and I live with a boy:(

I finally feel some crafty inspiration coming on after about a month of not wanting to do anything. I hope to be sharing some more projects soon with my new finds!

Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Minute Grilled Chicken Taquitos

Now that my appetite is slowly returning (I didn't realize what a luxury it is to enjoy eating) I have been cooking a little more. I get random cravings (and you know they are cravings when you contemplate leaving your toddler in front of the TV to run out for a bit...) and one of my cravings this week was for these:

The picture actually looks kinda gross...but I love these little things! I haven't had them in quite some time, but they came to mind tonight for dinner. Not wanting to spend the money, gas, or calories on fast food, I tried to see what I could come up with on my own.



shredded cheese

grilled chicken

1. I warmed my tortillas in a skillet on med-high heat. A warm tortilla is easier to roll than a cold one.

2. I cut the tortillas in half and sprinkled a little bit of cheese and grilled chicken on top. I use the grilled chicken in a bag since I don't have the stomach to cook meat right now.

3. I rolled the tortillas (starting with the round side going in) and while still rolled, placed them in my hot skillet.

4. I pressed each taquito with a spatula for a couple of minutes on each side. Just enough time to seal them and make them crispy.

And that's it! I have to say they taste exactly like the Taco Bell version and less calories too. I love how quick it is to fill a skillet with these, plus they are easy for little hands to hold. If you like the idea of steak better...then grill up your own steak or they also sell steak strips in a bag as well.

OK...that 5 minute dinner was enough for me...back to the couch with some 7-Up and Downton Abbey on Netflix. My husband asked if I've turned into an 80 year old woman when he came downstairs to find me on the couch with my aphgan watching Masterpiece Classics. Nope...just lazy and I like my stories.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Addicted to Crewel

I've mentioned before how I found my own decor style and since then I have had fun just taking my time and finding pieces that I really want to have in our home. As soon as I threw all my decorating rules out the window, feeling out our space has been more of a joy and not a burden. Basically if my house could end up looking like this and this...I would be happy.

I've had a long time obsession with crewel embroidery. I especially love vintage crewel when I find it because I just imagine someone working hours on a piece of art that is now for sale at a thrift store for $3. My sewing machine and I are on a maybe this is the perfect opportunity to start a new embroidery obsession?

I also want a lime green chair...


Is this owl not the cutest thing ever?



This is by far my favorite piece that I have seen online. I hope to run into it someday so we can be best friends:


Classic vintage. Sigh. Why is home decor not as cool nowadays?


I am going to stalk some thrift stores this weekend in hopes of finding my own crewel love connection, or at least a book on it so I can start spending way too much time making my own. Goodwill is having their 50% off sale this weekend and there just happen to be 5 of them within 10 miles of me...happy Saturday to me!

Is there a specific type of decor that you always like? Such as different picture frames, mirrors, or books?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Best Friend in the Kitchen

I have been the laziest blogger lately! Not just a lazy blogger...but a lazy person as well.

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. For starters I turned 25. Yes...25. I am no longer in the fun and cute 18-24 category, but whatevs. I like who I am now rather than who I was 5 years ago:) For starters I couldn't cook a meal to save my life when I got married 5 years ago. It was bad...very bad. So, one thing I know I will pass onto my children is how to make their own meals at home...and meals from real boxed junk. That's not food.

I'm also heading into my 9th week of pregnancy and the last 5 have kicked my butt. I am still SO grateful to be's just not always easy to remember how grateful when every smell makes me want to puke. The morning sickness is FINALLY getting better! My family is happy because I can start making them meals again without weird faces when I bring it to the table;)

So, allow me to introduce my very best friend in my kitchen. It's small, inexpensive, but by far one of the best kitchen appliances out there. The GT Xpress 101:

No, I haven't time warped back 7 years ago when this info commercial was on...but I did really want this when I saw it on TV for the first time. My mom and I actually almost bought them off TV when they offered the "buy one get one free" offer in the next 30 seconds...only to find out that it would still have been $80 for two of them...uh no.

So, time has been on my side and eventually these gadgets made their way into the thrift stores. I scored my first one a few years ago at a vintage shop and it still had the tags on it for $10. Once I got it home...I was in love.

This thing is beyond versatile, but my favorite thing to do is make breakfast with it. The pancakes come out super fluffy, and there is no watching or flipping involved! I just close the lid and go on my merry way. Its also great for customizing each item. My husband likes sausage in his pancakes (thank you Man v. Food) and I was having a major craving for some chocolate chips in mine. In three minutes we were both satisfied! was amazing:)

I also love cooking eggs in this. I just beat up two eggs and pour them into the wells. Then I add whatever each person wants. So, for these I added some more turkey sausage, diced frozen onions, and some shredded cheese on top. Close the lid and I have fluffy eggs in 5 minutes! Best of dirty skillet and no egg smell! Hooray!

I know this is a random gadget to own, but keep your eyes open next time you are at your local thrift store. This thing is definitely worth the money. It doesn't require me to heat up my stove top or burn my already freakishly large pregnant belly by standing by a hot range. I make so much stuff in it each week and its such a time saver, plus it doesn't heat up my house like my oven would...and that's helpful when we get up to 118 degrees in the summer.

The downside to this product? Everything comes out in the shape of a half-moon, or a "butt" when you put the two pieces together (you can thank my husband for that reference)...but (no pun intended) I don't care;) It makes preparing breakfast for the week SO easy. I made 16 pancakes and 2 eggs in 25 minutes! Breakfast is done for the week and all I have to do is pop these in the toaster when the family wakes up:)

What's your favorite kitchen gadget or secret?


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