Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY: Reversible Painted Throw Pillow

I have a slight obsession with throw pillows. I love them. I was thinking of a new pillow design for this "new to us" vintage chair and I couldn't decide between two ideas, so that gave me an idea to use one pattern for each side. 


plain fabric (cut into two panels for the front and back)
black fabric paint
foam paint brush
sewing machine
matching thread

For the first side, I traced squares in different sizes to make a geometric pattern. I painted them in with the black fabric paint and set aside.

For the second side, I took the end of the foam brush and made little crosses with it. You can use a paint brush for a more uniform look...but I liked the random variety better.

 Once both panels are completely dry (read the paint bottle for instructions), place both panels together with right sides facing and pin. Sew along the outer edge with a straight stitch along three sides.

Flip the case right side out, put your pillow inside, and hand stitch the bottom closed.

Done! A perfect pillow for my indecisive mind;)

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