Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Lately

We've been keeping busy this summer. It gets a little challenging when the temps outside are over 110 degrees...but I love this city and I wouldn't have it any other way. We've been hitting up the libraries, movie theaters, and ice cream shops. Here's a little bit our what we've been up to.

Since he refuses to sit in a cart (or a stroller, or the bathtub, or his highchair), I do get his help in pushing it around the grocery store:

Oh, and he has a love for Mickey lately. They are inseparable:

We all crammed into our car and made the 15 hour drive out to Texas to visit family. There was laughing, crying, games, yelling, sleeping, and stopping for burgers along the way:

I realized I might have a slight cardigan obsession:

Our neighbor gave us this dresser that he didn't want...and I took it before he could change his mind. Score!:

The Lego table at the library is his favorite place:

Cupcakes for Father's Day:

My three favorite people:

Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's gotten us through some tough times:

Making my daughter's dream of a Mary Poppins costume come to life (more on that later!):

Strawberry pie:

Date night, concert style:

My husband offering to make dinner and then realizing it's all wrapped in bacon:

Another vintage gem that was given to us:

Making some baby shower treats:

A "new" record player has been our favorite find this summer. When it's too hot to do much outside...then we grab a slice of pizza and walk over to the record store:

It feels like summer is almost over already. My daughter starts kindergarten in 3 weeks and then it's just Baby Boy and me for a few hours each day. 

I hope the summer has been treating you all well;) 

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