Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fabric Summer Wreath this isn't really just a summer wreath seeing as how it's been hanging on my door since January. I haven't taken the time to take a final photo of it within the last 5 months. My bad.

I originally found this wreath over at Here's Looking at Me, Kid and I fell in love with everything about it. It had me at stripes and flowers. So, after reading the tutorial here, I decided to make my own version.


straw wreath (bound in plastic)

old T-shirt (or fabric of your choice)

hot glue gun

knife (for cutting the wreath)

felt for flowers

I found this T-shirt at my local thrift store for $1 and the wreath also for $2. You can also find these wreathes in all different sizes at the craft store and they are priced reasonably.

I started by cutting the sleeves off my shirt (at the shoulder seam) and then cutting my wreath in one spot so that I could slip the sleeves onto it.

I slipped one sleeve on the wreath in one direction, and the other sleeve in the other direction.

I hot glued them where they met up. I decided that where I had cut the wreath would be where my flowers would end up so I made sure to match up my stripes at the very top (where I would hang it) so that from a distance the seam would not be noticeable. The other seam at the bottom is where my flowers would I didn't worry about that part looking too perfect.

Next, I cut out some flowers out of felt and used regular nails to press them into the wreath. I could have glue them...but I wasn't sure what kind of arrangement I wanted, and using the nails meant I could take them on or off until I got the look I wanted.

Finally, I covered the centers of my larger white flowers with small circles of felt...but I left the nails bare on the red flowers. I liked the industrial look at the time and I may change them out for yellow sewing pins some day. The yellow flowers are small circles of felt that I folded in half once and then once again and glued into clusters.

To hang the wreath, I took an old paperclip and unfolded it a bit so that I could push the two ends into the straw wreath and have a makeshift hook out of it.

So, I am finally sharing this wreath about 5 months after I made it! It's been living on our front door for about a month and it makes me so happy every time I pull into our driveway:)

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  1. This is ridiculously fabulous! I just bought two plain wreaths at a garage sale, and now I know exactly what I'm going to do with them...Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Everything, and I mean everything, about this wreath is so clever! I never would have thought to slip a sleeve onto a wreath. I am just amazed! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  3. I have been wanting to try one of wreaths too, it's such a cute project and yours turned out great!

  4. Love how yours turned out! And that your flowers are so customized. Thanks for sharing the link!

  5. I love this wreath!! I'm sharing it in a 5 for Friday roundup of Summer Wreaths on my blog today, with one pic and a link back to this post. It's really lovely : )



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