Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sesame Street Birthday Party

In planning my daughter's third birthday party, I thought I would share her 2nd birthday party. It was before I started this blog. She was obsessed with Sesame Street at the time (and still is a little) that was our theme.

On her birthday invitation, I put "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Shayne's birthday party!" and "Brought to you by the letter 'S' and the number '2'." at the bottom. I saw that idea online and I had to use it!

First off, can I tell you how hard it is to have a girly Sesame Street party? I didn't care much to buy anything from the party store I went with mainly pink a lot of bright colors.

For decorations, I made these character faces from construction paper:

My MIL gave my daughter the construction paper for Christmas...and I used it all! I felt bad afterwards...

I found the "s" cards at Michael's and just cut them into fun shapes. I glued the faces and cards to Popsicle sticks (a few glued together to make them longer or shorter) and then I covered the Popsicle sticks with pink pipe cleaners.

I took four plastic cups that we already had and covered them with construction paper as well, and filled them with tissue paper. I got the tissue paper at Target in their Valentine's Day clearance. It was colorful hearts so I thought it matched pretty well. I have to admit...I normally try to have red or pink be a part of my daughter's parties cause I can score Valentine's decor on clearance:)

I also had some red bowls, so I put some tissue paper in the bottom and filled them with my daughter's favorites: Smarties and heart suckers.

For a game (we didn't have many since the party was held in our tiny apartment) we played "Pin the Nose on Elmo". This was just a big piece of red poster board and some more construction paper for the eyes and noses. I made noses for each kid with their name on them so we could tell who got the closest.

You could buy this game in the party store...but I made mine for $.50 and the big Elmo head still hangs on my daughter's closet wall with her nose on it:)

Here are some of my decorations on the table. I had a big blue mixing bowl, so I added a Cookie Monster face and arms around it and filled it with chocolate chip cookies.

I got green and blue cups from the dollar store and found this Elmo juice at Walmart.

I took the easy way out and made a cupcake cake of Elmo's face. I found this Elmo face at a local cake decorating store and I got a big tub of red frosting in the after Christmas clearance at Walmart. I just put it on a piece of foam board and wrapped it with girly Elmo wrapping paper. I have to was nice not having to cut a cake:)

This was my daughter's own cake so she could blow out the candles. Don't you love my awesome decorating skills? Ha! Also, my daughter got her hand in it a day before the party...guess I didn't have it pushed back enough on the counter! I got the little figures at Target in their dollar section and the "2" candle at the dollar store.

Just in case we needed more cupcakes...I filled my cupcake stand with some pink iced ones. I sprinkled them with some star sprinkles (my daughter's favorite shape) and I pushed some Elmo rings into half of them and made little picks with a "2" on them for others. I also had this Abby Cadabby picture so I pushed that into the top cupcake.

My daughter had a great time at her party:) I think we pulled of a girly Sesame Street bash after all:)...especially in 800 sq ft! I managed to sell all my decorations and cake supplies on Craigslist, but I did keep the sign that had her name on it.

I hope that helps some of you mothers of girls who want a Sesame Street party:)

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  1. Oh my gosh SO CUTE! Check out this posting on my pastor's blog - they did SUCH a cute party for their 6 year old - thought you would appreciate it!

  2. It's way cute! I love the cookie monster bowl. And um. Your decorating skills FAR surpass mine!!!


  3. Good postings on good blog i read this blog with very much interest.

  4. It was a very cute party! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year, but I am going to be so sad to miss it! Maybe we will get to move closer and be there!

  5. Just found you while searching for Sesame ideas. Cute & simple, so my style. I love it! I just recently started my own blog. Would love you to check it out!

  6. Love yor decorations. How did you do the cut out chracters with the construction paper?

  7. How exactly did u make the big Elmo head? Was this freehand or did u use a pattern? Thanks :)



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